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300 Welding TEXAS (1 Day)
Plano, Texas
460 Structural - TEXAS (2 Days)
Plano, Texas
601 Hybrid - Florida (1 Day)
Jacksonville, FL
300 Welding - FLORIDA (1 Day)
Jacksonville, FL
200 Color Matching - TEXAS (2 Days)
Plano, Texas
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most commonly asked questions
Q. Who is eligible to attend Collision Repair & Refinish Training?
  • Collision repair and refinish professionals who are currently employed by a Toyota, Lexus, or Scion dealer-owned collision     repair facility.
  • Independent affiliate collision repair and refinish professionals sponsored as a referral shop by a Toyota, Lexus, or Scion     dealer.
  • Independent affiliate collision repair and refinish professionals sponsored as a Toyota, Lexus, or Scion wholesale parts     account.
  • Any professional in an associated collision repair related industry like insurance companies, state agencies, educators, tool     and equipment manufacturers and the like.
  • Note: All attendees must have a Toyota-issued Secure Personal Identification Number (SPIN).
Q. What’s involved in "sponsorship"?

If a dealership does not have a body shop of its own, it may be an excellent idea to sponsor an independent affiliate shop for training. This is part of the commitment to customer satisfaction by having manufacturer-trained technicians performing collision and refinish repairs. Sponsoring dealers simply agree to be the authorizing Toyota, Lexus, or Scion representative for the independent shop by entering them into ‘Staff Master’ under their dealer code (with the appropriate independent affiliate job code) and securing a Secure Personal Identification Number (SPIN) for each affiliate attendee.

Q. How do I get a SPIN?

Each individual who attends Collision Repair & Refinish Instructor-Led Training must have a Secure Personal Identification Number (SPIN). A SPIN is also required to take online e-learning modules, and is used to track an individual’s training accomplishments. Toyota/Lexus Dealership Service, Parts and Collision Center Managers should be aware of the following:

  1. Toyota/Lexus Dealership Service Managers and Wholesale Parts Managers are authorized to sponsor Independent Affiliate Collision Repair Center Employees into Toyota/Lexus Collision Repair & Refinish Training.
  2. The sponsoring dealership will require a completed SPIN application to start the registration process for Independent Affiliate Collision Center Employees. The application link is provided below.
  3. SPIN registration must be completed for each training applicant. Be sure to provide a reliable mailing address for the identification card.
  4. Adding Independent Affiliate Collision Center Employees to Staffmaster will not impact dealership rankings and awards.

Dealership Collision Center Employees
Toyota/Lexus Dealership Collision Repair Center employees are entered in dealership Staffmaster by the following codes:
  • 032 - Collision Center Manager
  • 065 - Collision Center Estimator
  • 053 - Collision Center Repair Technician
  • 054 - Collision Center Refinish Technician

Independent Collision Center Employees
Independent Affiliate Collision Repair Center employees are entered in dealership Staffmaster by the following codes:
  1. 067 – Affiliate Body Shop Manager
  2. 066 – Affiliate Body Shop Estimator
  3. 068 – Affiliate Body Shop Metal Worker
  4. 069 – Affiliate Body Shop Painter
Note about Affiliate Job Codes:
Independent “Affiliate” Collision Repair Center Employees entered in Dealership Staffmaster are considered Non Dealer Employees and are not eligible for “Certified” status, which is a program reserved for Dealership Employees only.

Questions? Should you have any questions about obtaining a SPIN or Sponsorship please contact Lisa_Oyama@toyota.com 973.882.6253 OR Mercedes_Rodriguez@toyota.com 310.468.7171.

Click here for the SPIN Registration Form

Q. How will sponsoring dealers know what training their affiliate shops are getting?

Sponsoring dealers stay directly 'in-the-loop' on training activities by approving registrations. Toyota, Lexus, and Scion dealers nationwide currently sponsor ‘Independent Affiliate’ referral shops and ‘Wholesale Parts’ accounts.

Q. What are the benefits of CR&R training?

Who wouldn't want their vehicles repaired by manufacturer-trained technicians? Both Dealership and Independent Affiliate Collision Repair Centers can demonstrate their commitment to Toyota-Quality repairs by educating consumers about the training and resources they depend on to return Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles to factory specifications. They can explain why they use Genuine Toyota parts, follow manufacturer specified repair procedures, as well as highlight the in-depth factory training that their Technicians’ receive.

Q. When and where is the training held?

Collision Repair & Refinish Training schedules are posted for each third of the calendar year in January, May, and September, to allow ample time for planning around busy schedules. The New Jersey training center is located on the grounds of the Toyota NY Region Headquarters in West Caldwell, NJ, (not far from New York City). The Jacksonville training center is on the grounds of Florida State University at Jacksonville, FL. And, the California training center is housed in the Toyota Quality Center at Toyota’s Headquarters campus in Torrance, CA. Please call Lisa Oyama (NJ & FL) 973-882-6253, or Mercedes Rodriguez (CA) 310-468-7171 for more information.

Q. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

For questions pertaining to training in Torrance, California, Phone: 310-468-7171; Fax: 310-381-6678; or Email:crrtraining@toyota.com. For questions pertaining to West Caldwell, New Jersey, and Jacksonville, Florida, Phone: 973-882-6253; Fax: 310-381-5079; or Email: ny_collisionrepair@toyota.com.

Q. How much does CR&R training cost?

CR&R training costs $200 per day. The parts statement of the dealer associated with your SPIN will be charged the cost of your training.